Women reveal why they re dumping Tinder for Instagram - dating new york city

Women reveal why they re dumping Tinder for Instagram

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Women reveal why they’re dumping Bumble and Tinder for Instagram

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October 27, 2022 17:58
October 27, 2022 17:58

Women are looking for a date partner on Instagram rather than dating apps.

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Alexia, who snapped a cute photo at a Boston bar in August, tagged the location and posted it on Instagram, never thought she’d end up going on a date with a handsome stranger.

The 30-year-old business woman, who lives in Connecticut, did not reveal his last name and posted this selfie while attending his bachelorette party.

That night, a young real estate agent happened upon her while looking through her bar photos. He texted her saying she was “pretty” and asked her out on a date.

It was the first time she had heard her voice like that. She had been looking for dates on her Hinge and Bumble for years, but she was getting tired of using such platforms.

An unknown handsome sent a message to Alexia, who posted a photo on the Instagram and tagged the location information.

“There’s a lot of pressure on dating apps,” Alexia told her The Post.”It just feels like another job – just filling an application for these people [and] having the same conversation”.

I had a “great” first date with a guy from Boston, but it didn’t go much further. doesn’t matter. Over the past few months, five men have found her photos and tagged them with bars and restaurants they were interested in, leading them to Instagram. She was surprised at first, but she thought it was better than a dating app.

You can see the profile immediately because “hobbies are similar”. It’s not fake.”I think having family and friends is more effective.”

Victoria Arario uses Instagram as a dating app.

According to the Financial Times, the young single is fed up with traditional dating apps like her Tinder, whose downloads are down 5% in 2021. They are looking for new ways to find dating online, and Instagram, with 1 billion active users, has become an easy and obvious alternative.

Her 27-year-old Hoboken resident, Victoria Arario, calls her Instagram a “dating hack” and sees it as a mix of old-fashioned charm and newness.

“In a sense, it’s like an online version that meets a person tagged at the bar where you go,” says the content creator to THE POST.

People who are exhausted by dating apps find love in social media.< SPAN>,

Last month, he posted a story about his dating on his Instagram on his tiktok and gathered about 400. 000 views. Her followers agreed with “The Gram Is Great for Finding Love”.

There was a comment saying, “Instagram is the best dating app. That’s true.”

The method is not only approaching a photogenic man women .

Arario recently was looking for a picture of a delicious dish after seeing a picture of the restaurant that he was going to go to. And another dish she was interested in was a cute man tagged at a restaurant. She pressed “Like” to his photos and immediately received a follo w-up request and a message from a man.

“It turned out that we live in a (somewhat) local (somewhat) local (we have come to talk, and we have begun to talk,” “she said, she exchanged numbers and planned to meet immediately. I added what I am.

Arario acknowledges that it needs to be some confidence to approach people in this way, but guarantees common interests, and is a place to prepare for the first date. I mentioned.

“We are all aggressive in social media, so if you use it, use it to be advantageous.”

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